1C:Notification center end-user agreement

1. Use of the service features for any purpose is only allowed after the User has registered and signed in to the service.

2. During the registration the User must provide true and accurate information about themselves and keep this information up-to-date. If the User provides information that is not true and accurate, 1C Company has the right to suspend or delete the User account.

3. Sending Notifications to your Users' devices is a complicated technological process, which involves a variety of providers and network owners, including foreign ones. Those providers and network owners might set technological limitations or modify the technological processes, which might result in notification losses, or significant delays, or corruption, or disclosure to third parties. By understanding and accepting this you acknowledge that you:

3.1 shall not provide your Users with warranties regarding the notification accuracy and delivery period;

3.2 shall not receive payments directly for sending notifications, and do not describe notification sending as an important inherent part of your paid service;

3.3 shall not include sensitive data in your notifications (this includes confidential information, personal data and trade secrets, such as bank card and bank account information, passport details, user names and passwords that provide access to confidential data, insider knowledge, or medical analysis results).

4. Sending Notifications without prior your User consent for receiving Notifications is not allowed.

5. Notification contents must match the following requirements:

5.1 Notifications shall not include advertisements that are not requested by the User, that is, information that attracts attention to goods, services, jobs, people, or events. This requirement does not cover cases of informing your Users about the Application itself, its new features, and the functioning of the Application server.

5.2 Notifications shall not include information that is prohibited or limited to general audience by the applicable law, in particular by Russian Federation laws against spreading extremist materials, spreading information that can harm children, or copyright violations.

5.3 Notifications shall not misinform Users, or incline them to perform unadvisable file downloads, visit suspicious websites, or disclose personal information ("fishing").

6. The number and volume of notifications sent within a specific time period must not overload providers' servers and networks, must not have the purpose to cause "denial of service" responses from servers, or make any device inoperative temporary or permanently. 1C Company can limit the number of notifications sent to your Users within a specific time period at its own discretion, as well as set time windows within 24 hours when sending Notifications to specific User groups is allowed.

7. 1C Company reserves the right to control the compliance with paragraphs 3 and 4 of this agreement and, if it discovers any violations of the requirements to Notification contents or the order of sending them, it can suspend sending the Notifications to specific User groups for unlimited period, provided that the senders are notified about that.

Publishing date: December 22, 2014.